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Healthy life

Healthy Life Style

Improve your lifehealthy life style

It comes a moment in our life when we want to look great. We think and we really want to do something about it. Most people are unhappy with the way they look. But when it comes to actually do something about it very few take action.
The very first thing you have to do is to see your doctor for a physical! Make sure you are in good health before starting anything like this. Cholesterol, blood work, do the whole nine yards. Talk to your doctor about diet and exercising. Make sure it is OK to do it.

Once you are cleared by the doctor your next step is to find the right diet for you. Weight loss requires diets high in vegetables and fruits. Reduce the amount of meat and carbs in your food. That will help your weight loss cause! Also back up your diet with exercises. Start with cardio, maybe a walk, maybe an easy run to begin with and then increase the amount of exercises. You can do it alone or even better team-up with somebody else. It is just easier.

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Food  Additives  and  healthy life


In addition to adding sweetness, sugar's distinctive properties enable it to play an important role in food preservation.  Have many sweeteners like calorie-free and sugar alcohols (polyols) are used by food manufactures in their products. All additives may be synthesized in the laboratory to be chemically the same as natural materials or extracted from natural sources, or they may be synthetic compounds that do not occur in nature. 

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Choose a natural product

Natural diet pill

Most diet pills are manufactured in the laboratory with synthetic ingredients. But there are also diet pills made from natural ingredients such as plants, fruits and vegetables. Diet pills made from nature are still the best product to take, as natural ingredients are better absorbed by the body. And because it is from nature, you are absolutely sure that it is 100% safer than its synthetic counterparts in the market.

Cholesterol, sodium, fiber

Solid and stable

Cholesterol is a white, waxy substance. It is naturally found in all foods of animal origin
meat, poultry, fish, milk and milk products, and egg yolks. read more...

Sparingly  eat  food

Chocolate and healthy benefits

Chocolate contains over 300 chemicals, and has been the subject of a number of studies by universities and other scientific organizations.


Eating in the general mess

Foods are the raw material

Is it possible to lose weight and eat in the general mess? Yes, and it doesn't mean living on cottage cheese and carrot sticks.  read more...

Exercise to loss weight

Resting metabolism

What is the best exercise? It is one you can continue for a long period of time A LIFETIME!

Calories & the exchange system

So what exactly is a calorie?

Believe it or not, being successful at weight loss is all about calories!

Food labeling

The food label

 Today, however, it is easy to check the fat and calorie content of what you eat. The word "standardized" is very important.