Wednesday, November 12, 2014

7 Steps to Creating a Protective Shield

The seven steps I share in this video are answers I received through prayer, much meditation and pondering. I hope they will bless your family and help create that "shield" that Heavenly Father wants us to create which will help protect our family for the things that are to come.

Here's the video where I talk about these 7 steps. I will have a pamphlet  / booklet coming out soon that will contain more information about these seven steps.

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I will share more info for each of these 7 steps in an upcoming pamphlet. Here's the summary of the points that were made in the video:

1. Healthy Cells - using all of the following:
    - Vitamin D3
    - Magnesium Chloride
    - Nascent Iodine
    - Multi-Vitamin
    - Liquid Minerals (fulvic acid)

2. Detoxify Regularly (5 days a week) using one of the following:
    - Liquid Bentonite Clay
    - Essiac Tea
    - Dandelion Root Tincture
    - Milk Thistle
    - Red Clover

3.  Clean & Wholesome Diet 
    (consider reducing / eliminating sugar, pray about dairy, pray about breads, use whole grains, generous amounts of produce - especially veggies, etc.)

4. Exercise Regularly

5. Blood Work (if needed)

6. Pure Water (find or use filter that gets rid of all heavy metals, viruses, bacteria, etc)

7. Cleanliness: body, mind and spirit

Thank you!