Monday, November 17, 2014

Book Tour: Beyond Wheat and Weeds

Here's a video where I explain the topics covered in my 450 page guidebook, Beyond Wheat and Weeds.

Beyond Wheat and Weeds is a book I created for disaster situations where information won't be readily available on the web nor might there be doctors or prescription drugs readily available. It's a book we can easily turn to and readily know what treatment options are whether it be for common infectious diseases during disaster events such as Giardia, Tetanus, Toxoplasmosis or common day-to-day illnesses such as strep, ear infections, high blood pressure, etc.

Beyond Wheat and Weeds not only covers 60 of these common infectious diseases and maladies (their descriptions, symptoms, and conventional, alternative and folk treatment methods) but it also covers over 35 different protocols ranging from cavities to eye infections, from MRSA to Sinus infections, from snake bites to radiation exposure.

This book also covers what the most effective and potentially life-saving remedies and tools are that we ought to consider storing along with thorough descriptions of each of these.

I also show in this video what it takes for me to make one of these books - because, at this point, in order to keep the cost down for everyone, I'm still making these books myself.

Thanks for watching!