Friday, December 19, 2014

Saniderm: Substitute to Stitches

Injuries are inevitable during a natural disaster. I don't want to be caught unable to treat a wound - which could easily become so infected that it could take a person's life. Small wounds are known to kill grown men during disasters - which is absolutely avoidable!

Saniderm is one super valuable product that can be used not only to take care of wounds that need stitches but it can also be used for wounds such as road rash, ulcers, or can even be used to cover herbal poultices and blisters.

Saniderm is a product I do not want to be without! And it's not very expensive at all. The 3 6"x9" pack I show in my video only costs around $8.

Here's my video where I show how to use it and tell more about it:

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