Wednesday, February 4, 2015

$1 Store Puppy Pads - A Must-Have!

Puppy pads are basically absorbent pads that have a cotton-like material that absorbs fluids on one side and contains a thin plastic backing to prevent fluids from leaking through on the other side.

These are perfect (and very affordable!) pads that can catch highly contagious fluids such as vomit, blood, or diarrhea. Can you imagine dealing with a violently ill person or seriously injured person and not having these around? The bedding and surrounding areas would be such a mess!

What a blessing that these pads can be found at our local $1 store. There are 4 pads in one pack - each pad costs only .25 cents! I currently have 10 of these packs stored away - they will be such a blessing should we need them.

Here's the video where I talk more about the pads:

And here's a link I found on Amazon where the pads are as low as .13 cents per piece! 

I hope this bit of info will be a blessing to you and your family.

If you like this video - please share! The more people who have these pads during a disaster - the better off we'll all be!

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Thank you,

Claudia Orgill