Friday, February 13, 2015

Plastic Jars for Sprouting!

I believe that sprouting our foods will be one of the most important pieces of knowledge we will use to help us do the following during a disaster:

- Increase the nutrition in our food by up to 2000%.
- Allow the nutrients in our foods to be more readily bio-available to us.
- Create foods that we are able to digest more easily.
- Help our stored food last longer because we'll need less of it to sustain us during a disaster!

In my opinion - from what I've researched and experienced - I believe that sprouted foods will help do the following:

- Strengthen our immune systems.
- Help keep elimination systems open.
- Help keep our stress-defense shields built up.
- Help give us long-lasting strength / energy.
- Help us heal more quickly.

Having the ability to sprout some of my grains, nuts, seeds, and legumes is so important that I want to make sure I have the non-breakable items necessary to do just that.

We don't know what we may be up against in a disaster - will there be an earthquake that will shatter our glass jars? Will we need to travel far (and fast) which will may also cause our glass jars to break?

Storing plastic (BPA-free) jars (along with a rubber-band and some type of mesh material like chiffon) is my answer to making sure I will have the ability to sprout some of my food so that I can give at least some of these sprouted foods to my family once or twice a day to help nourish and sustain them during a disaster.

Here's my video where I talk about storing plastic jars:

Here's where I purchased my jars.

You can also purchase plastic sprouting kits such as this one. I've chosen to go with the jars because I find it easier to be able to make a variety of sprouts, in a rotatable way, using jars. But some people really, really love using sprouting kits.

Remember, you can easily wash and store food jars such as peanut butter jars, coconut jars, etc. 

And, no, the sprouting lids that you can purchase for regular quart sized jars won't fit on these plastic jars I purchased - which is why I resort to storing and using chiffon and rubberbands.

As always, I hope this information will be a great blessing to you and your family.

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Thank you!