Monday, February 16, 2015

Using Diatomaceous Earth for Storing Grains

Did you know you can use an inexpensive powdery substance called Diatomaceous Earth for storing grains in place of the oxygen packets?

I personally use Diatomaceous Earth in my grains for the following reasons:
  • It doesn't pose the possible risk of "killing" my grains making them unable to sprout - unlike oxygen packets.  
  • Diatomaceous Earth is also used in agriculture grains because it's known to be 100% natural, safe and effective!
  • It works as a natural pesticide to protect stored foods against insects such as beetles and weevils.
  • It keeps moisture away from grains - eliminating the chances of mold growth.
  • When taken internally - it helps kill off parasites within our bodies and helps us to detox.
Here's my video where I show how I use DE for storing grains:

Learn more about Diatomaceous Earth and purchase it from these links:

- Or purchase it from your local health food store (if they carry it).

NOTE: Not all grains that have been stored with oxygen packets are "killed". I've heard a lot of feedback from the classes I've taught and I'd say the outcome of oxygen packets causing grains to become "unsproutable" are half and half - some have said they've kept their grains stored using oxygen packets for years and years and their grains sprout. But others have the opposite outcome.

To me, having the ability to sprout my grains is so important - I'd rather not risk that and am happy to use the DE instead.

As always, I hope this information will be a blessing to you and your family!

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