Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Enema Bag - A Must-Have Tool!

Everyone should have at least one enema bag in their home storage. One of my goals during my classes and seminars is help people see the value of an enema bag ... and get over their fear of them.

Enema bags will be a great blessing to us in the event of a prolonged disaster. They are THE substitute to IV's!

Here's more info about it:

Here's the pdf file on how to do a retention enema along with the electrolyte recipe. 

Here's where you can purchase the enema bag I had in the video. (Current price is $20). If that one is out of stock here's another one just like it - and it's actually only $14! If they too are out of stock - order it through Walmart.

Here's where to get the chux / puppy pads at a great price (0.13 cents each). Or get them from Dollar Tree (4 pads for $1).

Here's where you can purchase my book, Beyond Wheat and Weeds.

As always, I hope this information will be a blessing to you and your family.