Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Local Pick-Up: Discounted HypoRedox - July 1st

Aside from being a presenter at an expo in July and fulfilling any remaining orders - I'll be taking a break in July

(I won't be teaching any classes or seminars that month but will instead be focusing on writing some books, putting together the "mini-doctors" curriculum, and will announce when the "RPR" remedy is available.)

Because of this I'm doing a local pick-up group buy for the HypoRedox now before July comes.

For the first time, I'll be offering a discount on the HypoRedox. Each bottle of HypoRedox will be $17.50.

The pick up location and time will be July 1st from my home in Utah County from 6-8pm.

Pick-up address will be shared after filling out the form. 
Please jot that address down when it is given to you. 

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(You are welcome to pay when you come to pick up your HypoRedox if that's more convenient for you. Cash, check or card can be used. If you're using cash, exact change is appreciated.)
3. Pick up your order (or have someone pick it up for you) on July 1st from the address given after filling out the form. 

Please send me an email if you'd like to get have the information sheet my husband and I put together about hypochlorous acid solutions. You can email me at: healthypreparednessatgmaildotcom.

It'd be a good idea to print this off and keep it in your home-storage.

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Anyone interested in doing a group buy for their area before the end of June will get the HypoRedox at this reduced price and will also get 3 free bottles of HypoRedox (or more depending on how much has been ordered).

Instructions for doing a group buy before the end of June are as follows:

1. Contact me at healthypreparedness(at)gmail(dot)com to get that coordinated with me.
2. Coordinator will get 3 free gallons of HypoRedox - possibly more, depending on the order size.
2. Minimum orders for different areas are as follows:

·         Local Group Buy (within Utah County). Minimum of 30 gallons.
Benefit: FREE Shipping. (We deliver to a drop off location) Free 3 gallons of HypoRedox to coordinator of group buys for every 30 gallons ordered.

·         Anywhere-in-Utah group buy (any city outside of Utah County). Minimum of 40 gallons.
Benefit: FREE shipping. (We deliver to a drop off location) Coordinator of this group buy gets 3 free gallons of HypoRedox for every 50 ordered.

·         Group Buy outside of Utah.  Minimum of 50 gallons.
Benefit: FREE shipping. (Delivered by us or through a shipping company) 3 free gallons for every 50 gallons ordered.

o   Pick up location will be from the home or another location chosen by the group-buy coordinator.

Thank you - have a great summer!