Sunday, June 14, 2015

New Remedy – Live Webcast on Tuesday

I’ve mentioned, both through video and radio interview, that I will have something new (and fairly big) that I will be announcing soon. That time has come.

My heart is filled with an array of heavy, determined, yet humble emotions as I bring this up – but I know it’s the right thing to do.

While visiting the most sacred and quiet of places we have today, the Spirit impressed upon me a remedy – a very detailed recipe. The basics of this recipe was given to me while visiting one of my religions temples.

The remaining details were given to me during two additional other visits to the temple. I refused to receive even one speck of guidance and direction for this remedy outside of the temple in fear having my answers come from other non-pure sources.

All answers were clear and precise and were given to me through simple whisperings of the Spirit.

Yes, I know what category this puts me in. I’ve heard things said about “good people being persuaded by evil spirits to develop plague remedies that will do more harm than good in the last days”. I know that by sharing this information some who have trusted me and valued my information will turn their backs on me. But I cannot and will not deny what has been clearly shared with me through the Spirit.

Although I believe what has been said (that more and more people will come forward with false plague remedies as time moves on) I also believe that there will be, and even needs to be, honest and good people who will have remedies shared with them that will help others.

Both types will exist.

It is for each individual to judge and decide whether these remedies have been developed through the help of the Lord or through the help of the adversary. We ought to be sensitive to what the Spirit is telling us and listen closely to how these people are explaining what ways and forms they received these answers.

Is this a plague remedy? Yes. But it is only one answer for one plague. From what the Spirit has impressed on me – there will be many plagues. This specific remedy is meant for only one of them.

Will this be the answer to every terrible forthcoming plague? No.

Do we still need to be self-sufficient and store remedies, herbal seeds, tools and other supplies? Of course. 

Might this be an answer to one specific plague that may be hitting us? Yes.

Details about this plague remedy - titled “RPR” for “Red Plague Remedy”- and how it came to be, can be listened to from a live, private audio conference call this coming Tuesday at 8pm. This over-the-phone call is where I’ll share the details of how, exactly, this whole remedy came to be, what is in it and will answer any other questions I can about it.

I ask that everyone please only share this conference call link with other like-minded, spiritually sensitive people or groups – and not on public social media groups.

The conference call can be accessed at the following number. Use the pin after calling the number to access the call:

Thank you,