Friday, April 29, 2016

Diatomaceous Earth - Review

There are a handful of reasons why having diatomaceous earth on hand during a prolonged disaster situation would be a good idea. The top four reasons include:

  1. For ridding the digestive system of parasites. 
  2. For using it to help preserve our stored grains. 
  3. For eliminating garden bugs, bed bugs, fleas, and lice. 
  4. For doing a temporary, mild, digestive detox. 
Diatomaceous earth (aka "DE") is tiny microscopic fossilized shells made up of algae and phytoplankton. These microscopic fossilized shells have built up over time and are being mined and turned into a fine powder called diatomaceous earth. 

When looking at diatomaceous earth on a microscopic scale, we can see that each tiny particle is cylindrical in shape. These cylindrical shapes contain sharp edges that also add to the benefits of diatomaceous earth when using it internally.

Using DE Internally:

The sharp edges of the diatomaceous earth particles creates an abrasive action when taken internally which helps clean out the digestive tract. This benefit works well for cleansing the digestive system – especially once it comes to cleaning out harmful parasites. DE is my number once substance I would recommend for parasites. During a disaster, if possible, I would also couple taking DE internally with taking an anti-parasitic herb such as olive leaf, wormwood, or black walnut. The two, taken separately, would work beautifully together.

Just like with bentonite clay and activated charcoal, diatomaceous earth is also a negatively charged substance. Negatively charged substances attract positively charged substances so when taking DE internally, it will attract positively charged substances to itself such as bacteria, some viruses, yeasts, parasites and even some heavy metals.

Not only are these toxic substances attracted to the DE but it also becomes trapped in the cylindrical shape of the DE particle which will also help with the elimination of these harmful substances from our body.

One other benefit of DE is that it contains trace minerals and silica which contributes to healthy bones, teeth and healthy cartilage.

DE can be easily taken internally by stirring one tsp of DE in a glass of water and drinking it down. Another glass of water can be taken after drinking the first glass to help wash it down. Doing this a few times a day for 2 weeks up to 3 months is an ideal time frame for addressing toxic or parasitic issues.

Using DE for BUGS:

One wonderful benefit of DE’s super sharp edges is that when it comes in contact with an insects exoskeleton, it will scratch the surface of their skin / shell and they will dry out and die. This is a huge benefit to us in the event of a disaster regarding the following bugs:

·         Garden Bugs
·         Bed Bugs
·         Fleas
·         Lice
·         (Internal Parasites)

Sprinkle DE in hair for lice.

Sprinkle DE in fur for fleas in pets. 

Using DE for Preserving Food Storage Grains:

I like to stir DE into my grains, instead of using an oxygen packet, to keep my grains free of bugs and mold and to make sure they can be sprouted (oxygen packets might kill the grain and render them un-sproutable).

Diatomaceous earth will kill bug intruders by scratching their shell which causes them to dry out and die. This prevents bugs from breeding and replicating in the container of grains. The DE also absorbs any extra moisture which will help prevent mold from forming in the grains.

Here’s a video I put together on how to use DE in our grains:


A Word of Caution: 
Be careful when using Diatomaceous Earth – you don’t want to inhale the small particles - it will irritate your lungs.


Diatomaceous earth lasts indefinitely and can be purchased from many great companies including the following:

Diatomaceous Earth Store - 25 lbs for $30

Alpine Food Storage - 50 lbs for $25

Azure Standard - 50 lbs for $27 - (varying prices)



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As always, I hope this information will be a blessing to you and your family,