Saturday, November 5, 2016

Solutions to Daily Health Threats

There are so many issues hitting us that are gradually weakening us on a physical level. It's my calling in life to focus on teaching others about how to heal and protect the physical self. One thing I want to focus on in this post is that we've got to understand where we're being hit and where these threats are coming from.

I don't like to focus on conspiracy theories or the doom-and-gloom of possible future situations yet with every health expert I'm in contact with and learn from, with all the research I continually do, I begin to see more clearly the reality of the importance of implementing simple steps that will help protect our health and our family's health.

I do believe that there are "forces" that are purposefully trying to weaken us but if there's one thing I've learned while I was dreadfully ill for over 7 years, it's that there is always a solution to the problem. We just need to knock, ask, seek and find the answer.

What Might be Weakening our Health?

Every body is different. Why is it that one baby is just fine after receiving an onslaught of immunizations and yet another isn't? Why is it that one person who drinks soda every day of their life lives a healthy life until the age of 99 and yet another person who eats a clean and healthy diet struggles to do daily tasks? The answer isn't clear.

The body is an intricate, complicated mechanism. Cellular strength and functionality varies from person to person as does their ability to detox due to organs that do or don't function as efficiently as they should. Genetic makeup affects a body's reaction to harmful substances as does one's ability to break down and utilize nutrition on a cellular level.

Because of these, and many other factors that affect one's overall health, there can never be one blanket statement made regarding what we should or shouldn't do to improve or protect one's health but let's do look at what could be affecting us in a negative way. And let's look at what steps we could take to help us stay physically strong and help strengthen our posterity if we feel the need to do so.
  • Contaminants in water.
  • Contaminants on produce. 
  • Contaminants in meat, dairy and eggs. 
  • Contaminants in outdoor air (pollens, mold, pollution, toxins).

What can we do?

If contaminants stemming from water, produce , meat and dairy, and outdoor air could be weakening us on a cellular and immunological level, whether we feel it (yet) or not, what can we do about it? First, let's not obsess about it or become fearful about it. That's silly and a waste of energy. Let's evaluate the situation and understand what our options are. 

  • Water contamination: Get a gravity water filter of some kind. I personally love the Berkey water filtration system. The Berkey water filter can be found on several online sites and on
  • Contaminants on produce: Wash produce thoroughly or buy organic produce and wash it thoroughly as well. Also consider implementing the steps found in the "Air Contamination" section below. 
  • Contaminants in meat, dairy & eggs: Eat meat, dairy, and eggs that come from good, clean sources. Here's a good site that will (hopefully) help you find well-raised animals that had a chance to live a happy life (as the Lord would want) and provide healthy meat and dairy options: 
  • Air contamination's: I create a homeopathic remedy using water that has been exposed to outside air to help strengthen my immune response to outdoor air contaminants. 
  1. Set bowl of water that is about 20% alcohol (use 80 or 100 proof vodka) out on back porch, away from children or animals. Allow to sit for week or more. 
  2. After one week is up, place the water in a 1 oz tincture bottle. 
  3. Label that bottle as 1x. 
  4. Place dropper onto bottle and succuss 100 times. 
  5. Set up 8 other 1 oz tincture bottles next to it in a row. 
  6. Label those bottles 3x, 6x, 9x, 12x, 15x, 18x, 21x, 24x, 27x. 
  7. Take one drop from the 1x bottle and place it into the 3x bottle. Place dropper onto bottle and succuss 100 times. 
  8. Take one drop from the 3x bottle and drop it into the 6x bottle and success that 100 times. 
  9. Continue to do this to each bottle (9x, 12x, 15x, 18x, 21x, 24x, & 27x). 
  10. Now pull forward the 3x, 9x, and 27x bottles. 
  11. Fill a 2 oz tincture bottle with tap / filtered water and enough 80/100 proof vodka to create a 20% alcoholic solution. (1/2 T. of 80/100 proof vodka in a 1 oz bottle, then fill bottle rest of the way with water). 
  12. Add in two drops (one drop per ounce) of each of the 3x, 9x, and 27x bottles. 
  13. Place dropper onto tincture bottle and succuss the 2 oz bottle 100 times. 
  14. Take 15-20 drops, in water, once a day or a few times a week. 
Note: You can keep a 20% alcohol solution on porch, away from children or animals, continually and make fresh remedy every 1-2 weeks or so, or as needed. Alcohol acts as a preservative. The alcohol will evaporate when you place it in water and let it sit for a few minutes. 

Final Thoughts

Other contamination's can and do apply here as well but those are for you to personally figure out yourself for you and your family. If you have some thoughts about this topic regarding contamination's that we should consider doing something about, that you think will help others, please do share those in the comments below. 

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As always, I hope this information will be a blessing to you and your family, 



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