Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Can the Word of Wisdom Protect Us from Chronic Illnesses?

I believe there are choices faithful Christians can make that will pour down blessings upon us and produce outcomes in a way that can be (and will be) explained as nothing but a miracle.

I have spent much time studying and pondering the Word of Wisdom recently. The topic I have been contemplating most recently is where we are taught that if we follow the teachings in the Word of Wisdom, "The destroying angel shall pass (us) by." In the footnotes for this particular phrase it explains that we will have "protection" & "divine" - I read this as: *divine protection*.

Protection from What?

So what are we needing protection from? In the beginning of the Word of Wisdom it explains that this revelation was given to us because of the "evils and designs that do and will exist in the hearts of conspiring men in the last days". I don't like to get into conspiracy theories but I have learned about information (from reputable resources) that our water, air, and food, (especially meat, interestingly enough) can be contaminated with chemicals, pathogens and/or other toxins either by accident or, most disturbingly, by design, that are immediately or gradually harmful to us and our posterity.

Aside from receiving much needed "divine protection" from the evils and designs of wayward people in these latter days (which the Word of Wisdom offers us), when the Word of Wisdom promises us divine protection from the "destroying angel" I believe this "destroying angel" to also be modern day chronic illnesses.

I am in a position where I am in contact with many chronically ill people - I am overwhelmed by the amount of people coming to me telling me that they or their loved ones are suffering with confusing, unmanageable chronic illnesses.

There are so many wonderful natural and alternative remedies the Lord has blessed us with to help us overcome / get through these illnesses. But the more I see people suffering and spending all their time, money, and efforts on treatments (and never really getting better), the more I see that we are being pushed to follow the Lord's teachings and are being propelled to obey his commandments more than ever before. We have no other option! We have to figure this out! And those who are figuring it out now are the ones who need to teach this information to others.

It's time for our eyes to be opened.

Two Main Steps for Chronic Illnesses

Two main spiritual steps I see we need to take to help us permanently overcome chronic illnesses are:

1. Follow the Word of Wisdom! Study it. Ponder it. Experiment with it. Pray about it. Find one treasure after another about it. And live it!

2. Let go of sins! Fear, self-doubt, anxiety, stress, anger, jealousy, etc. - these are also all sins. We need to recognize them as such and use the atonement to help us overcome these sins.

I believe that because we, as a people, have not followed the Word of Wisdom, we have brought upon us the natural consequences of not having done so and are now plagued with chronic illnesses. Chronic illnesses will only get worse and become more prevalent from one generation to the next as long as we continue in our disobedience.

If we take a step back and look at the world, we will clearly see that our blatant disobedience to the Word of Wisdom is keeping us from becoming a Zion people and is contributing to environmental corruption - which, although is inevitable, is *not* something we should be contributing to. (That topic will be a post for another time.)

Word of Wisdom-Friendly Recipe

*The image above is of a Word of Wisdom-friendly meal we had tonight - Multi-Grain (Meatless) Taco Soup. You can find the printable recipe below.

Here's the printable recipe to our Multi-Grain Taco Soup. 

I hope this information is a blessing to your and your family,