Tuesday, April 10, 2018

"Farm Chores" of Our Day for Our Health

There are a four specific things we do, as consistently as possible, to protect our family's health and to help keep us healthy. I consider these measures to be comparable to farm chores. Farm chores used to be essential to people's survival - in order to have food and sell or trade their goods. Without their farm, they'd suffer or die. 

Because of all we're up against (involving purposeful attacks by conspiring men to break down our health and including the consequences that come from living in a polluted world filled with nutrient-deplete foods, where genetic mutations are growing in number, and where our lives are filled with more stress than ever before), we need to make a purposeful effort to protect our body and to keep it healthy.There's no going around it. And the issues that stem from ignoring this - like frequent acute illnesses and deeply embedded chronic illnesses are only going to get worse in our lifetime and will especially get worse from one generation to the next unless we do something about it.

We need to be as physically strong as possible for times to come!

The four "farm chores" we've incorporated into our own family life include:

1. Daily Detox Tea
2. Healthy Digestive System (consistent effort)
3. Essential Supplements - D3, Iodine, Magnesium, Multi-Vitamin, Liquid Minerals
4. Chem Trail / Pollution Protection (by continually detoxing the body through a simple detox tea and by making a chem trail homeopathic remedy every 1-2 weeks from particles in the air)

Two extras would be: Growing our own produce & getting back to what I call the "Bible Diet" or "Genesis Diet".

Here are some resources for purchasing the supplements, learning about gut health, and where to purchase clay for detoxing purposes. (I have an instructional video about creating the chem trail remedy on the Patreon page where I show how to make both the original remedy and a short cut method to it..) 
Detoxing Links:

Digestive Health Videos:
Nutritional Supplement Links:

I've created a video about these "farm chores" on my Patreon page - in this video I also go over the topic of the importance of growing a garden, how to make the chem trail remedy, and how to make the detox tea.

(We made the decision to stop posting videos on YouTube for several reasons. Now that I have a safe place to post my videos, away from the threat of YouTube shutting down my channel, I'll be sharing more videos than ever before.)

As always, I hope this information will be a blessing to you and your family,