Monday, August 6, 2018

Health Preparedness Symposium - August 6th - 13th

My husband, John, and I spent three months traveling across the U.S. recording presentations from 20 amazing health experts who taught important information and skills that will bring your health self-reliance to a whole new level! 

These health experts range from Medical Doctors, Holistic Doctors, Chiropractors, Dentists, Pediatricians, Herbalists, Midwives, Authors, Nurses, Combat Medics, Surgeons, and more! 

The topics taught by these experts include:
  • How to Make Your Own Pregnancy Supplements
  • Using Clay for Wounds, Burns, Bites, Stings and Digestive Issues
  • How to Re-Grow Teeth and Heal and Prevent Cavitites
  • Using Alternative Remedies for Day-to-Day Illnesses
  • Field Medicine and Trauma
  • Addressing Oral and Facial Trauma
  • Staunching Bleeding in an Emergency
  • Growing and Using the Most Essential Medicinal Plants
  • How to Restore Your Digestive System
  • What is the Zika Virus?
  • Options for Chronic Illness Such as Hypertension, Osteoarthritis, and Diabetes
  • Healing Large, Open Wounds Using Herbs
  • Addressing Systemic Infections Using Herbs
  • Maintaining a Vigorously Healthy Body
  • DIY Medicinal Formulas for Most Common Illnesses
  • Caring for Ill Children and Babies Using Homeopathy
  • Traumatic First Aid
  • Resolving Chronic Illnesses and Diseases for Disaster Management

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(This symposium will only be available until August 13th.)

Get over 20 hours of body healing and life saving information on DVD along with written transcripts in a book!
Package Includes:
  • 6 DVD's with full presentations from each of the 20 health experts
  • A Printed Book containing transcripts and notes from each of the presenters