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Since 2006, starthealthylife.info has served as AN support center that gives hope and delivers quality resources and knowledge for patients and adored ones handling carcinoma. Our vision may be a world wherever everybody with carcinoma has free access to data, services and support to beat this sickness and live longer, healthier lives aboard their adored ones.


Several of the nation’s high carcinoma specialists medically review the knowledge we provide you, and that they share their skilled stories regarding the most recent treatments and their medical views on the asbestos-related cancer.

We additionally perceive everyone’s carcinoma cancer journey is completely different. That’s why we tend to developed our free customized guide that’s tailored to you and your distinctive scenario.


Our Patient Advocate team, which has a RN, medical doctor, VA-accredited claims agent, legal consultant and former U.S. Army captain, listens to your questions about identification, treatment, veterans help, legal and money facilitate, and emotional support — and that we quickly offer you answers at no price to you or your family.

Asbestos.com additionally offers back to those that square measure at the forefront of raising awareness regarding amphibole dangers and carcinoma, and researching innovative treatments which will at some point cure the sickness.


Our Medical reach Program tours our nation’s best hospitals to make relationships and discuss current and rising treatment choices with high carcinoma doctors and researchers. These relationships helped US develop our Doctor Match program, that connects patients with the most effective care supported their location and identification.

Meanwhile, the members of our Veterans reach Program visit Veterans Services Organizations across the country in an endeavor to teach them regarding carcinoma and the way it affects veterans, particularly those that served within the U.S. Navy.

We additionally foster a thriving community of support for carcinoma patients and relations through our monthly on-line support cluster and our Facebook page.