How to lose weight easily ? 50 slimming tips

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For those who want to lose weight easily, you will find in this article a commented summary of all the daily tips to lose weight without any diet.

You will save time, because you will not need to read all the articles on slimming diets that are published before the summer laughing.

I am not an apologist for thinness, the main thing is to feel good in your body, but if you are reading this article it is because you want to improve your image, regain or increase your self-confidence through small changes, so why deprive yourself?

Obviously, I present here principles for small weight loss, less than 10 kilos. There is nothing miraculous, for a more important weight loss, it is necessary to make a more thorough assessment or to see a nutrition specialist.

You can also get help from a professional coach at a distance: Body Up’ program.

Choose 5 to 8 of these 50 slimming tips and apply them seriously for 1 month. You will see the difference.

For me, sport is the lever or the base that goes hand in hand with a balanced diet with the objective of a life more oriented towards well-being. And if you need to: develop and maintain your motivation.

Give your opinion on these tips in comments, it will be useful for everyone!

So, let’s go!

The 50 tips to lose weight without dieting

1. Have a realistic weight loss goal

Your weight loss goal must be reasonable; if it seems too important, define intermediate steps or milestones, it is easier. For example, your first goal could be to lose 1 to 2 kilos in 10 days. In addition, prefer a range, from x kg to x kg; this removes unnecessary and toxic pressure. Defining a goal is already the first step on your way to wellness.

2. Ask yourself the right slimming questions

Indeed, it is important to think about the causes of your weight gain: pregnancy, job, stress, life change, illness, medication, too many restaurants, etc. for the most obvious examples. Sometimes it is more difficult, as it may be necessary to look at deeper, more intimate reasons.

Still, identifying one or more causes allows you to be much more efficient in your weight loss process.

3. Eat on smaller plates

This tip is found in most articles on the subject of weight loss or fat reduction. Indeed, it seems like common sense that a smaller plate size allows you to decrease the amount of food…unless you help yourself several times to compensate. So you have to play along in order for this trick to pay off.

4. Reduce white bread to lose weight easily

How do you navigate the conflicting opinions on bread? Does it make you fat or does it have no influence on your weight? In fact, it’s all a question of the type of flour and, as always, the quantity eaten.

Prefer wholemeal breads that are richer in minerals and don’t overdo it!

5. Stop drinking soda

It seems obvious, but the amount of sugar in sodas is impressive. So stop them right away if you want to lose weight easily, they are poison!

On average, one can contains 28 g of sugar (this is an average), which is about 5 to 6 sugar cubes! This sugar is added to the sugar you consume in other dishes throughout the day; the maximum recommended intake of sugar is 50 g or even 25 g according to the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO).

And don’t replace your soda consumption with diet drinks, because you can’t completely cheat your brain.

6. Stop drinking industrial fruit juices

To bounce back from sodas, also ban industrial fruit juices, even 100% juice that is loaded with sugar and with very little nutritional value. The best thing to do is to make your own fresh fruit juice from time to time.

7. Stop using refined sugar

After these remarks on sodas and industrial fruit juices, you have understood, remove refined sugar, cause of many ills: type 2 diabetes, fat gain therefore weight, cavities, etc. so STOP DANGER! I won’t develop the arguments any further, it seems obvious to me, good sense to lose weight easily!

8. Steam cooking

The way you cook your food influences the preservation of necessary nutrients such as vitamins. Steaming is ideal for this. Moreover, this method of preparation is less caloric, because no fat is added for cooking. We can add the practicality, the saving of time, the more economical cost and other advantages like the return to the flavors of each dish to make it a cooking method to practice without moderation to lose weight in the long term.

9. Eat good fat

For years, we have been encouraged to wage war on fats of all kinds. In fact, the world of fats is much more complex than we were led to believe (the sugar industry?): monounsaturated fatty acids, saturated and trans fats, omega-3 and 6, etc.

Lipids are essential, but make sure you sort them out. Give preference to vegetable oils and fish.

And yes, eat fat to lose weight more easily!

10. Drink more water

Instead of snacking, drink a glass of water to satisfy your hunger; very effective!

You can also drink a glass of water before a meal to calm your hunger.

Water will help you lose weight easily, because it obviously plays a role in your metabolism.

11. Eat slowly and don’t do anything else

This is also called mindfulness. Focusing on your meal allows you to feel full and therefore avoid cravings between meals; to rediscover forgotten flavors in your mouth, in short to eat with pleasure! Get back in touch with your taste buds and you will lose weight.

12. Chew your food

Chewing is a pre-digestion process that allows for better absorption of nutrients. It promotes better digestion and reduces or even eliminates certain discomforts (reflux, bloating, flatulence), but especially in the context of weight loss, slow chewing will prevent you from feeling hungry more quickly, you will be satisfied; you will eat less and therefore lose weight more easily.

13. Eat sitting down

This allows your brain to analyze what you are eating, which brings us back to the idea of eating mindfully. Eating while seated allows your brain to give the signal of satiety at the right time.

14. Write down what you eat

In order to open your eyes, write down what you eat and thus identify any deviations or bad habits to be eliminated.

In addition, keeping a kind of nutritional diary will help you rationalize your approach, feed your motivation, discipline yourself and eventually share with slimming specialists.

15. Do not diet

Above all, do not go on restrictive diets! Of course, some diets are effective, but in the long term you will always lose out; indeed, the yo-yo effect is not a legend. So, to lose weight in the long term, set up long-term habits.

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